Jozica Fabjan Angelic Look painting

Jozica Fabjan Angelic Look cat. no.: 329 available at Grand Gallery EU

Dimension: 50×70 cm
Jozica Fabjan
Painting technique: Acrylic on canvas
Painting style: Contemporary Art

Artist dr. Jozica Fabjan was born on May 13, 1959 in Novo mesto to mother Alojzija and father Jože. She was the only child. She began to show her painting skills at an early age.

She is a doctor of European state sciences by profession (doctorate degree). She has built her career in human resource management. For over 30 years, she worked as the head of the human resources and legal department, was an assistant director and, as acting director, rehabilitated a municipal company. In recent years she has been working as a lecturer at faculties.

The artist divided the paintings into 3 basic areas:

-success, prosperity, wealth, happiness,

-inner peace, stress relief and mental calm,

-love, understanding of positive energy and communication.

She creates paintings when the heart and soul, with the help of the received instructions, are ready to merge the content on the canvas, which helps to make people happy, calm them down and lead them to the set goals. The artist also solved her problems and successfully solved them with paintings she painted herself.

The artist creates in Slovenia and on the Croatian island of Pag in the Boutique Villa Nirvana building.

Paintings are so energetically powerful that the people who bought them with their help have succeeded in life and live a happy, calm and relaxed life. Her paintings adorn homes, offices, business premises, clinics in Italy, Austria, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, England, Hungary, Croatia, Cyprus, Slovenia, Switzerland, Poland, Germany, Australia, USA, …

Artistic expression is strong colors (Jozica Fabjan Angelic Look). She is a true master of color coordination, the content of which symbolizes areas that make people happy. She has a strong creative polygon where she hones her painting strokes, dictated to her by some higher power.

Her combinations of colors, which symbolize motifs in terms of content, are the result of different light that the artist sees and adapts according to the purpose of the symptoms and the needs of the person. Next to the motif that defines the content of the issue, the artist records the colors and motifs that are reflected in the artist’s automatic reflex at that moment. The artist sees certain colors in ultraviolet light, so her paintings are enriched with colors that soothe, make happy and enrich people.