Olaf Globocnik

Olaf Globocnik art for sale at Grand Gallery Europe.

Dimension: 80×70 cm
Painting technique: Oil on canvas

Olaf Globocnik, Slovene-Croatian painter, * 14 June 1904, Ljubljana, † 15 November 1991, Zagreb.

In 1926 he graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Zagreb and then continued his studies in Prague. As an art pedagogue, he taught at secondary schools in Ljubljana, Slavonski Brod and Zagreb. He was a member of the Fourth Generation group. He has created in watercolor, gouache, oil, pastel and drawing. Before the war, he painted in the spirit of magically felt new realities, especially paintings based on beautiful appearance and large dimensions with plastically modeled figures, given mostly in darkened colors ( Lotus, Manja, Portrait of Miha Maleš , all 1927); under the influence of the Croatian group Zemlja, he painted motifs from the everyday life of ordinary people. Later he also devoted himself to landscape painting, still life and veduta.