Pablo Picasso graphics

Pablo Picasso graphics art.

Young Picasso’s pencil drawings (“Pigeons” (1890) can be considered his first graphic works; then, he continued practicing graphics parallel to creating painting and sculptural compositions as well as those related to applied and decorative arts. His cooperation with “Russian Ballet”, Dyagilev’s ballet company, resulted in creating numerous pencil linear portraits: those of Dyagilev, Bakst, Stravinsky, Sati, de Falla, and Derain as well as more complicated stroked sketches of Myasin, Cocteau and Ansermet where certain caricature features are noticeable. At the same time images of ballet dancers were created in the neoclassical style. But Picasso remains true to himself: if only you enlarge hands, the image of the ballet dancer who is “so airy and appealing for kisses”, turns out to be ironically tinted.

From 1950s to 1970s Picasso was very active. He still worked when he was 80 and 90 years old. In 1968 Picasso created 347 engravings (“Suite 347”) in seven months. The artist made one plate each day (sometimes more). Experimenting with techniques he tried pickling, aquatint and dry point. Suite 347 can be considered the master’s diary where fancy and biographical events are intertwined. These include 66 engravings illustrating the piquant novel “La Celestina” by Fernando Rojas, playing with predecessors’ works, theater and circus stories.

Picasso became a mythological Midas in art turning everything he touched into gold. There was an episode which can be an illustrative example: Picasso decided to commission some furniture and drew a sketch of it for a cabinet maker. When asked about the price, the cabinet maker answered it was enough to sign his sketch. Isn’t that a graphic work by the great master?

The minimum price for this art is 50.000,00€ (Pablo Picasso graphics)

Dimension: 40x30cm
Painting Technique: Graphic
Painting style: Cubism and Surrealism

Pablo Picasso (1881-1973) Cubism, Surrealism, Spanish painter, Sculptor, Printmaker, Graphics