As a prolific artist, Picasso liked to try out all manner of art mediums across his distinguished career. The sheer volume of artworks that he produced meant that limiting himself to one medium would have curtailed his creative spark sonner or later.

Across his career, topics drawn by Picasso included still life, portraits, animals and mythology. Picasso’s genius brought about so much in his drawings, with often just a single, well thought-out line in pencil or chalk. The simplicity was astounding and helped others to realise the talents that lied in abstraction.

Picasso’s work has been reproduced for fans of his career countless times. It is his animal sketches which are currently the most popular, with the simplicity of his style, combined with the charming subjects, attracting many.

The likes of owl, dog and penguin stand in homes all over the world, and the minimalist approach also means these are amnongst the cheapest reproductions to produce. (Pablo Picasso minimalist)

The Dog was Picasso’s own pet, a dachshund called Lump, and such sketches have helped this animal to actually gain notoriety for himself on the back of Picasso’s popularity.