Peaceful pier painting by Jozica Fabjan 295

Peaceful pier painting, Jozica Fabjan 295 available to buy at Grand gallery EU.

Dimensions: 70×100 cm
Jozica Fabjan
Painting technique: Mixed technique on canvas
Painting style: Contemporary art

Her quiet psychological depth inspires her for new and unique motifs. The artist’s stylistic accent shows luxurious colors, and the illusionist concept of paintings is formed by light and calm compositions that have a calming effect on a person or raise his energy for new and forthcoming successes. Her painting oeuvre is large and she masters oil technique, acrylic and mixed techniques. With the latter, her direction in painting is completed. Her painting brush techniques characterize content strokes for areas inspired by a higher power and that is why her paintings or works are recognized by a special style and represent a real treasure of positive radiation.

In short, her works are a success story for the owners of her paintings. The artist feels a special affinity for color shades and light effects, which work calmly and softly, homely and charming, despite the strong color shades. Her characteristics purple, green, orange, blue and yellow are harmonious, and the style is distinct when viewed on the contents of a painting object. The artist paints her works at a time when she gets some higher inspiration and sometimes has a long break.

With her style (Peaceful pier painting by Jozica Fabjan), the artist transmits higher instructions to each painting through the state of mind and creates visual images, thus energetically adding new dimensions to them with the acquired power and according to the instructions of higher forces.

Her artistic style is a great recycling of ideas individual and innovative, special, precisely because of some invisible force guiding her hand. Her techniques are therefore advanced, and the colors and strokes support her distinctive shapes and style of creation with special manageability. Its color contrasts define the optical and mental placement of the painting elements. That is why the artist introduces into her works the strategies and techniques she receives from an unknown force. Her works of art represent happiness, success, love, prosperity, so the artist gives them a higher meaning, for which she is infinitely grateful to a higher force that guides her in the creation of her works.