Petar Lubarda

Petar Lubarda art for sale at Grand Gallery Europe.

Dimension: 56×74 cm
Painting technique: Oil on cardboard
Painting style: Abstract art

Peter Lubarda (1907 – 1974) is one of the greatest figures of Yugoslav art of the twentieth century. In the middle of this century, he had the role of a reformer of Yugoslav painting, which in the beginning of the century had Nadezda Petrovic.

Petar Lubarda was born in 1907 in Ljubotinje (near Cetinje), Montenegro. His schooling from 1914-1926 starts in Cetinje and Herceg Novi, Montnegro. His father was Army Colonel and have moved frequently due to the military duties. Hence, Petar schooling continued in many cities: Split, Sinj. Niksic. In Niksic he has his first exhibition in 1925. In 1925 he starts studies at the Belgrade School of Arts under Ilija Sobajic, Ljuba Ivanovic and Beta Vukanovic. However, he soon moves from Belgrade to Paris, France.

In Paris he studies at Academie des Beaux Arts and works independently.

He have exhibited at the Salon des Independants in 1927. His first solo exhibition abroad was at the Italian Casa del Arte Bargaglia in Rome 1929.

Petar returns to Belgrade, Yugoslavia in 1932 . He joins Art Group “Lada” in 1938 and has many independent and group exhibition. Between 1938-1940 he travels a lot to France, Tunisia, Algeria, Egypt,… He was captured by Germans in 1941 and jailed until 1944.

After the war he works as Professor at the Belgrade Academy of Arts, becomes the President of ULUCG (Association of the Painters of Montenegro) and is one of founders of the Art School in Cetinje, Montenegro (also Professor and Director). In 1950’s he exhibits abroad in France, Brasil, Japan, Great Britan, Belgium, Italy… achieving Gugenheim Award in 1956.

Petar Lubarda was the winner of the world’s most prestigious awards.

In 1960’s he becomes a State Artist and member of Serbian Academy of Arts and Sciences.

He died in 1974.