Pierre Forest

Pierre Forest art for sale at Grand Gallery EU.

Dimension: 50×100,5 cm
Painting technique: Oil on canvas
Painting style: Impressionism, Realism.

Pierre Forest is a French painter born November 21, 1881 in Nice and died December 17, 1971 in Paris.
Painter of landscapes, seascapes, still lifes, flowers, pastel of the skies of Paris.

Nephew of the Lyon engraver, Tony Forest-Fleury, he exhibited at the Terrise gallery, boulevard Haussman in 1923, then from 1924 to 1929 at the Reitlinger gallery, rue La Boétie, he exhibited from 1931 to 1943 at the Salon des Indépendants, in Paris, of which he was a member. He exhibits in South America, Switzerland and Morocco. A retrospective exhibition of his work was presented by the city of Nice in 1981.

Until 1938, the date of his permanent installation in Paris, Pierre stayed in the studio of his friend Gabriel Hervé, Villa des Arts, in Montmartre3.

He visits the capital, sketchbook in hand. He perceives Paris as a nature transformed by man under a leaden and cloudy sky. For Pierre Forest, everything passes as the clouds pass over Paris. His gallery is bankrupt. Reitlinger begins a tragic journey that will end in the death camps of Nazi Germany. Forest’s marvelous and almost naive vision is tinged with pessimism. His art is distorted and duplicated.

There are two major periods in his career: the painter of flowers from Nice, landscapes of the Côte d´Azur painted with a knife in a Barbizon-en Provence style, in full paste, orientalist painting. Period of its notoriety
the painter of the skies of Paris. In contact with the landscapes of Ile-de-France, he attenuated his bright colors and he began to use pastel, of which he became a specialist. He then gave his works a melancholy tone. Age of oblivion.
A retrospective exhibition of his work was presented by the city of Nice in 1981.

The work of Pierre Forest: a video composed mainly of pastels and paintings made after the Second World War in his period when he was forgotten by all. The last drawing at the end of the video was done on his hospital bed shortly before he died.